Happy 40th Birthday 2000AD! (The First Dredd)

It’s another huge milestone for 2000AD as today marks the 40th anniversary of the very first prog back in February 1977 (well, the cover date at any rate!). I’ve just covered Prog #153, and Prog #154 didn’t actually feature a Judge Dredd strip, so this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to cover a different story.

The Complete Case Files 01 includes “The First Dredd”, the originally developed episode that was never actually published. It’s a fun relic now, with many of the details of Dredd’s world not ending up carrying over to the series proper.

So, as Dredd didn’t actually appear in Prog #1 itself, this seemed like as good a time as any to have a quick look at what could have been the first episode!

Happy 40th Birthday 2000AD!

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