For a bunch of reasons, I am a very poor choice to read an episode/issue/prog of Judge Dredd each day and write about it.

I’m fairly new to comics in general, and very new to Dredd in particular. I am most certainly a nerd, but mostly in some very specific areas (TV like Doctor Who and Star Trek predominantly.)

Growing up my engagement with popular culture was primarily through watching shows, but also reading lots of novels. Comics were around, and I didn’t have anything against them, they just never clicked with me for some reason. I have a suspicion that it’s because I’ve never really been into superheroes – which are best represented from what I can tell in the comic medium.

A couple of years ago I started getting into comics in the fairly obvious cliched way – reading Watchmen and V for Vendetta on the advice of the Internet basically. They were great – obviously.

What moved me into Dredd was the partwork Mega Collection which started being released here in Australia in 2015. I’ve been getting them each fortnight since they came out, primarily on the strength of the first few releases which I really enjoyed.

The collection is great – but at heart I like to experience things in order. Particularly long-running things (hello Doctor Who). I received the 10th Anniversary of the first of the Judge Dredd Case Files for my birthday this year, which planted the idea of reading them one at a time and experiencing the slow evolution of this nearly 40-year old saga.

So that’s where this blog comes from – I have no idea if anyone will be interested, but I thought I’d state a few key “things to know” right here.

  1. I am no super-fan. I can only imagine I’ll piss off a few of the true fans out there with misinterpretations, misunderstandings and various other sacrileges. I can only plead ignorance, and welcome comment and emails to set me straight! Polite ones would be great.
  2. I’m pretty new to comics. By this I mean specifically my comic literacy is pretty low – I’ve noticed with the Mega Collections I’ve read that there are many times I don’t have a clear idea of what’s going on. I’ll own up to this in any posts, and again welcome gentle explanations from fans!
  3. There will be some spoilers (occasionally). I’m newish to Dredd, but I’ve also read quite a few of the Mega Collection issues so have a general idea of some of the major plot points. As a rule I’ll try to avoid specific discussion of major plot points, but where it seems relevant or worthwhile I may “throw-ahead”. Given I’ll be starting with Prog #2 which is now nearly 40 years old I can’t forsee too many issues.
  4. I’ll be using the Case Files as a guide. I know this will particularly become an issue when they get to the Megazines, but for clarity I’ll simply be reading the volumes of the Case Files in order as they are published and laid out.
  5. Each post will be different. Some issues might get a lot, some a bare few words. Will depend on the issue itself and my own reaction to it.

So that’s it. I’m looking forward to discovering this saga in order, and hopefully connecting with a few other Dredd fans. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to do the journey as well, please follow along! You can subscribe to the blog over in the column to the right, or follow on Twitter @DailyDredd.

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