Prog #180: You’re the Baddest Man Who Ever Lived! (The Judge Child, part 25)

Case File

Dredd faces down Junior Angel as Pa and the Judge Child make for the Grunwalder’s castle.

331534-19752-125501-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd should really keep a closer eye on old, infirm blind people he relies on.

He takes on Junior Angel in an old-fashioned shootout, and easily beats the madman.

Friends of Dredd

Old Joe Blind meets his final end here – captured and tortured by Junior Angel for the third time. Twice under Dredd’s watch.

Owen Krysler takes great pleasure in Pa Angel watching what he had already foreseen – Dredd killing Junior Angel.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Grunwalder’s (or just Grunwalder?) kingdom is perched on top of Mount Fire, which is currently erupting. The robot king thinks this makes an effective backdrop of Dredd and the Angel Gang’s battles. The Grunwalder seems to be enjoying the spectacle, basically spectating the fight like a pay-per-view bout.


Pa and Junior Angel are still trying to reach the sanctuary of the Grunwalder’s castle. Pa lets Junior try and stop Dredd, giving him and Owen Krysler time to escape. This does not end well for Junior Angel.

We learn a bit more about the childhood of Junior Angel, and it isn’t exactly a Hallmark card. His mother died on the day he was born, and from that day Pa knew that he was a special kind of bad. He took great care to ensure that Junior didn’t get any crazy ideas of goodness – not even letting him murder until he was 3 years old.

But Pa is forced to watch as his son is gunned down by Dredd- just as predicted by the Judge Child.


Old Joe Blind dies at the hands of Junior Angel, after Junior hides beneath the ground thanks to an oxygen pill.

Junior Angel then comes off second-best in a gunfight with Dredd, and the Judge hurls him into the lava as sentence for “crimes to numerous to mention”.


Poor Old Joe Blind. The strip is having waaaay too much fun being mean to him! I liked this one, an effective use of visuals as Dredd and Junior Angel battle amidst the flames of Mount Fire. Junior Angel is properly insane here, and sets up the final episode and the final confrontation.


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