Prog #179: Bet They Can Suck Blood Real Good! (The Judge Child, part 24: Grunwald’s Kingdom)

Case File

Pa and Junior Angel seek refuge in the Robot Free State, while Dredd and Joe Blind stay on their trail.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd brought a “long gun” on this trip (basically a sniper rifle), and is able to hit Pa Angel from a significant distance.

Friends of Dredd

Old Joe Blind is forced to bury his loyal horse, the victim of a headbutt from the late Mean Machine.

Owen Krysler knows that Mean and Link have been killed, and confidently predicts that Pa and Junior won’t be far behind.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Grunwald is the “Robot Free State”, a place where robots on the run can find sanctuary. It’s ruled over by the Grunwalder, a pretty fearsome looking bot with a face like a very sharp ancient Aztec mask.

The “kingdom” is protected by robot mosquitos that can fire laser bolts, and carry telephones for communicating with the Grunwalder.

Many of the robots in Grunwald take human hair and implant it in themselves – Owen calls it their version of “taking scalps”. Nice.

The Law

Even the Grunwalder has a healthy respect for the stern nature of the Judges – or at least of Dredd in particular.


Pa and Junior Angel blast their way into Grunwald, and are then brazen enough to ask for sanctuary. They manage to convince the Grunwalder to at least let them come to his castle, but right at the end Pa Angel ends up with a bullet in his shoulder fired by Dredd at long range.


The idea of the Robot Free State is an interesting one, and the examples we see (robot mosquitos mainly) are fun, but we don’t get too much information about the Grunwalder himself. The episodes are enjoyable enough, but they’re feeling a bit obvious. I’m hoping for something unexpected in the last two progs.


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