Prog #178: Rot Your Gristle, Prospector! (The Judge Child, part 23: Fallen Angels)

Case File

Dredd finally gets to grips with two of the Angel Gang – but can he stop Mean Machine and his aggression setting of 4?

331532-19752-125499-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd doesn’t waste any time with sympathy for the Drybone townsfolk who try to stop him, under orders from the Angel Gang. He just beats them up.

Mean Machine and Link are tougher to deal with, although in the end he manages to emerge victorious.

Friends of Dredd

Old Joe Blind manages to point Dredd in the direction of two of the Angel Gang, but finds himself briefly grabbed and tortured by them once again. He’s on his last legs at the end of this episode, but determined to carry on until the rest of the Gang are dealt with.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The inhabitants of Drybone are forced by the Angel Gang to try and stop Dredd. This does not end well for any of them.

The Law

As Dredd is laying in to the townsfolk, we get this summation of what it takes to become a Judge. “Fifteen years in the toughest school on Earth – fifteen years of iron discipline, rigid self-control, concentrated aggression. By the time a Judge hits the streets, he is no longer a man – he is a machine!”


Mean Machine and Link Angel have been left behind to stop Dredd while Pa and Junior move on. For some reason, they decide to dress up as women to get the jump on the Judge. This completely fails.

Mean Machine loses an arm to Dredd’s gunfire, and then turns his forehead dial up to 4. He lands a nasty blow to Dredd – with his head – before the Judge uses a length of chain to send his dial into overdrive. He then runs around whacking anything that sits still long enough with his head. This ends up including Link.


Half of the Angel Gang – Mean and Link – go up in smoke after Mean Machine headbutts a gas tank.


A solid block of action, with a good dose of very dark comedy. Mean Machine running around head-butting things is a great image, while Old Joe Blind being tortured – again – is suitably horrific. Feels like we’re picking up steam now.


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