Prog #177: You Creeps Must Think I Sailed Through Space on a Synthi-Biscuit! (The Judge Child, part 22: Blind Hate)

Case File

The criminal element on Xanadu aren’t being particularly helpful in tracking down the Angel Gang, but help comes from an unexpected source.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is getting frustrated with the lack of help from the locals, and is desperate enough to find the Angel Gang that he takes the help of Old Joe Blind.

Friends of Dredd

Owen Krysler is still predicting the end of the Angel Gang, and that Dredd will be upon them soon following a “trail a blind man can follow (wink wink)”.

This seems to refer to Old Joe Bind, a man with his face completely wrapped in a bandage who offers to help Dredd track down the Angel Gang. He rides a poor horse that’s also blind. Old Joe was prospecting on Xanadu Gulch when he made the fatal error of looking too long at the Angel Gang as they drove by. They torture and beat him, mostly led by Junior Angel, and blind him as well. Link Angel blinds his horse. Nice fellas.

Joe now claims that since then some power or force has awoken inside him that tells him where to find the Gang. Dredd is forced to concede this is the best offer of help he’s had.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Angel Gang have now taken over the town of Drybone, and playing nasty games with the locals in the Court. They’ve set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner and are stringing quite a few people up.

According to Mayor of Drybone, not everyone on Xanadu is a fugitive or a criminal and just want to live their lives.

The Alien Zoo

The locals on Xanadu are interested in the big piles of money offered by Dredd last episode, but rather than giving up the Angel Gang they’re trying to just take it directly off the Judge. This doesn’t go particularly well for them, and Dredd is keeping the local undertaker busy.


The Angel Gang’s nasty ways are further explored here with their treatment of Old Joe Blind and the Drybone locals.

They work out what Owen means by the trail a blind man could follow, and prepare to take care of Dredd when he arrives.


The Angel Gang are killing off many of the locals.


More build-up, but there’s some good moments with Dredd getting frustrated with the locals and the Angel Gang’s sadistic version of a Court. Old Blind Joe is an effectively realised character so far, but we’re straying a little too much into mysticism for me at the moment. We’ll need to get to some meaty stuff soon to keep things going.


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