Prog #176: Go Home, Law Jockey! (The Judge Child, part 21)

Case File

The Angel Gang (remember them?) arrive on Xanadu with the Judge Child (remember him?) in tow. Justice One is close behind, and Dredd begins the hunt.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd’s on Day 84 of this Quest.

He’s not too impressed with Owen here, particularly when the child suggests that there is also darkness within himself.

Separate to the Angel Gang, Dredd is sure there will be people he’s dealt with before on Xanadu who are fleeing justice. Interestingly, he’s prepared to ignore them to get his hands on the Gang. He’s even prepared to dump a whole lot of money on those who can help him find them. Legally, a bit murky for Dredd surely!

Friends of Dredd

It’s hard to tell because he’s said so little in all of his appearances, but Owen Krysler appears different here. He comes across as older and harder, and says things like “you blabbering idiots!”. To be fair, he’s been stuck with the Angel Gang for months and is led around with a rope over his head.

Owen now has the ability to project a vision of himself through space, communicating with Dredd on Justice One. He’s not even sure what the full extent of his abilities are yet. He admits that he pushed Prosser and Faro to their fates, but warns Dredd not to judge his actions too soon.

Owen can’t predict his own fate, but feels that things are coming to “the final act”.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Xanadu is a distant outpost and was declared an “open planet’ in 2078, making it popular with lawbreakers and other disreputable sorts. It looks like something from the Wild West, including automobiles and old-style buildings.


The Angel Gang finally arrive on Xanadu, which they’ve been heading to for a while now. They leave the Southern Belle crashed and at the mercy of local scavengers, before setting themselves up as the new players in town. They take over the Presidential Suite of a hotel (evicting the current occupant through a nearby window), and shoot down the local lawman.

The Angel Gang are very concerned when Owen predicts their death – “death in black”.


The local alien lawman is killed by Junior Angel.


It’s good to be back on track with the main plot, although this feels very much like a prologue to the inevitable confrontation between Dredd and the Angel Gang. The reminder that the Judge Child may have some darkness within him is good, and there’s some dark comic moments as the Angel Gang set themselves up on Xanadu.


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