Prog #175: Packed Up Like a Fancy Gift! (The Judge Child, part 20)

Case File

Dredd, Hershey and Larter struggle to escape from the salesman’s suitcase.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd leads the escape from the suitcase, encouraging the Judges to make the long climb down the interior drawer system and then blast out of the bottom of the bag with the bike cannon.

After escaping, Dredd first shoots a silver globe while it’s still in Rinus’s hand – causing the salesman to shrink. He then works out that some black globes he finds must reverse the process.

Friends of Dredd

Hershey and Larter both note Dredd’s “leadership skills” in getting them to manoeuvre the heavy Lawmaster down inside the bag.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Rinus plans to leave Justice One on the “uninhabited rock” Byro, which appears to have a small collection of buildings on it.

The Alien Zoo

Rinus’s collection of shrunken alien creatures gets loose as well, including an awesome-looking dragon.

The Law

We’ve seen them quickly in the background in a few episodes, but this is the first episode where we spend a bit of time with the robots packed along with Justice One. They’re humanoid-style robots with helmet-like heads, what looks like armour plating and a tendency to stand around in bizarre poses with the arms in the air.

They get shrunk down by Rinus as well, after refusing to let the salesman off the ship without the permission of a Judge.


Rinus ends up being a pretty disappointing villain here, relying on his miniaturisation globes to solve everything. A lot about him doesn’t make sense here – why doesn’t he just steal Justice One? A fully-loaded Justice Department space vehicle has to be a pretty cool thing for someone like him to have. Why is he prepared to leave it to wait alone on a barren rock?

Rap Sheet

Rinus is miniaturised, put to sleep and delivered back to Earth to face the Judges.


There’s a good sense of old-school sci-fi fun with the miniaturisation plot, but overall this didn’t quite work for me. Rinus doesn’t develop beyond the bare characterisation he had last episode, and it’s all resolved pretty obviously.


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