Prog #174: Large Things and Small Things, Doesn’t Make Sense At All Things! (The Judge Child, part 19: Salesman)

Case File

Dredd and the Justice One crew play taxi to a travelling salesman, who plans to add them to his wares.

Ol’ Stoney Face

The Judge Child Quest is now up to Day 80.

Dredd has no time for this travelling salesman, but obeys the law and takes him onboard. He’s fast enough to get down his respirator when Rinus attempts to knock him out.

Friends of Dredd

Both Larter and Hershey are also not that positive about Rinus’s presence. They are both knocked out, shrunk down and placed in the salesman’s briefcase before being woken up by Dredd.

Dear departed Lopez doesn’t even get a mention here.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The spaceways are dotted with “refuge stations”, which are kind of like floating lighthouses that provide some safety for stranded travellers.

The galactic currency is the groat, which are nicknamed “shugs”.

The Law

According to Galactic Convention, stranded travellers – even hitchhikers – have to be picked up.

Justice One has “deepsleep” facilities.


Justice One picks up a hitchhiker – Rinus Limpopop Qunitz. He’s a self-proclaimed traveller and “purveyor of fine merchandise throughout seventeen systems”. He wears a long dress that looks like it’s made of twigs or short, thick strands of something; has a vaguely Polynesian-style mask that covers his entire face; and wears a headdress that looks like four spider legs looming over his forehead.

Rinus’s suitcase is larger on the inside than it appears from the outside, thanks to what he calls “magic of the Terlian Warpers”. It contains a whole bunch of crazy alien stuff, including a small “Nanja Dragon” that he claims is actually alive.

Rinus doesn’t take too kindly to being spurned by the Judge Child Gang, and shrinks them all down (using some kind of silver ball) to a size he can market and sell using similar “warp” technology to his suitcase.

The salesman prices the pack of three Judges at 400 shugs.


Just as it seemed like we were getting back to the main plotline, we’ve got this out of left-field. It’s all bit too mysterious at the moment, with the identity and powers of the salesman a complete mystery. The central conceit is a good one, but is all introduction here.


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