Prog #169: I’m Not a Player – I’m a Natural Hazard! (The Judge Child, part 14)

Case File

Dredd and Hershey fight their way through the Gallipardan army to end the game.

331519-19752-125491-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

It’s Pragmatic Dredd here as he realises that the battle just needs to end, and he’s willing to shoot down Gallipardans as they get in his way of planting the Lurgan flag and “winning”.

In a more straight-forward “heroic” story, he would have either reasoned with both sides or come up with some sort of loophole that didn’t result in any death. Not Dredd. He just picks a side, wins it for them and ends it that way.

Dredd is pretty cranky with them all at the end, and suggests he’d arrest them all if they were back on Earth.

Friends of Dredd

Hershey is a solid partner for Dredd, fighting her way through and covering him while he makes the final dash.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The true insanity of Agros and their war games are highlighted here. Captured soldiers are executed live on TV, complete with ringside commentary. Panels of experts dissolve in to fighting and squabbling, and – most crazy of all – to win a game every member of the enemy side must be killed.

Dredd manages to skirt this issue as he is a “natural hazard” and not part of the game, so after he plants the flag the game is over with far less bloodshed.

Dredd is told that the Oracle Space is located on the planet Necros. Doesn’t sound foreboding at all.

The Alien Zoo

The tide of the battle has swung against the Gallipardans, with the War Wheels supplied to the Lurgans both crushing and shooting them. The Lurgans technically end up winning this battle after Dredd plants their flag on the Gallipardan home mound.


Lots and lots of death, particularly on the Gallipardan side.


The insanity of this war-as-sport scenario is really spotlighted in this final part, with some humorous scenes of commentary and analysis riffing on football broadcasts. There are some things that don’t make sense if you think about them too much (everyone on one side has to die before the flag can be planted? How can they keep playing more games?), but overall this was an entertaining conclusion.


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