Prog #168: No, Folks, Don’t Adjust Your Sets! (The Judge Child, part 13)

Case File

Dredd and Hershey are trapped in the middle of a mad war game.

331517-19752-125490-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd describes this whole set up as “crazy”, and seems to have some sort of plan to end it.

Friends of Dredd

Herhsey’s definitely picking up some attitude from Dredd on this trip, telling an interviewer that she expected to meet “loonies” like him on this trip.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The war games have a half-time, signalled by a whistle-blowing referee floating above the action. There is a referee’s committee which is composed of the ten species who aren’t currently competing. They make a determination that Dredd and Hershey are “natural hazards”, but aren’t allowed to leave the Battlefield.

In the second half, new weapons are provided to the two sides. The Gallipardans are provided with Eputuran battle tanks while the Lurgans receive some fearsome-looking Pazazz War Wheels, giving them a strong advantage.

The Alien Zoo

The insane war game continues, with the Gallipardans on the verge of completely destroying the Lurgans. After the Gallipardans turn their attention towards the two Judges however, Dredd and Hershey manage to make a dent in their forces.

The Law

Judges have micro-processors attached to their throat that can translate human speech into alien languages, while a device in their helmets makes the alien language understandable.


This one feels like a bit of a pause – literally, as the story takes place in the half-time break! But the real star here is again the art from Ron Smith, with some more incredibly detailed battle scenes and some wonderfully crazy aliens.


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