Prog #167: Hello, and Welcome to the War! (The Judge Child, part 12: Battleground)

Case File

Justice One arrives on the planet Agros, where species fight wars for the entertainment of the masses. Stay tuned!

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is now up to Day 40 of this trip. He still hates Lopez’s moustache, and thinks that as long as a Judge looks clean and respectable they shouldn’t care about their appearance.

Dredd and Hershey decide, somewhat foolishly, to investigate the epic battle taking place on Battlefield 8 and end up under fire.

Friends of Dredd

Hershey gets to ride out with Dredd on this trip.

Larter is left in charge of Justice One.

Dredd is still annoyed by Lopez’s moustache, so he gets to work with the robots on making Justice One look nice again.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

We’re still in the Hadean System, and this time visiting the planet Argos. Not a lot is known about this world from a Mega-City One perspective, but they do know there are 12 different species inhabiting it.

What we learn here is that sections of the world are used battlefields – at least eight – where different species fight each other in organised and televised sports-style events. It appears that the two sides are randomly assigned a weaponry “style” before each battle, for instance the Lurgans have equipment that seems to be from WW2-era Earth.

Battles are narrated by neutral commentators.

The Alien Zoo

The species we meet during the war here are the Lurgans, who seem basically humanoid but with melty-looking faces; and the Gallipardans who are also humanoid but with hard-set faces and very sharp teeth.

In the battle we see here, the Gallipardans quickly overpower the Lurgans as they were fortunate to get laz-lances in the draw.


The war “game” between the Lurgans and the Gallipardans result in a pretty high death toll.


I liked this one. The satire of war as entertainment is sharply and effectively portrayed here, and I particularly love the commercials in the middle. Ron Smith’s artwork is great throughout, particularly the heaving battle scenes.

I am a bit done with the Ongoing Saga of Lopez’s Moustache though.


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