Prog #165: I Dunno Zilch About This President Hooha! (The Judge Child, part 10)

Case File

Dredd takes on Wild Aliens to track down Lesser Lingo President Carlyle’s biochip.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd tries to avoid killing any of the Wild Aliens, but doesn’t hesitate to use his Lawgiver to defend himself.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

After returning the President’s bio-chip, Dredd is off to a “little known group of planets deep in the Galaxy” to find the Oracle Spice.

The Alien Zoo

The “Wild Aliens” of this planet (i.e., the original inhabitants that don’t live in service to the humans), hate the enslaved members of their race who work with the humans. According to Dredd’s constable friend, they are referred to as “amputees” (as the humans cut their wings off) and would be torn to shreds if unprotected.

The Wild Aliens apparently plan to use the biochip to force some sort of deal from the humans to share the body-upload technology with them. Despite overwhelming numbers, they are a pretty unimpressive lot and Dredd manages to take most of them down single-handed.

The Law

Dredd’s constable pal from last episode doesn’t prove to be terribly helpful here.


The Warriors of the Immortal Chip (wait a minute, have they always had that name? Or have they managed to get a name so soon after kidnapping the President Chip?) plan to hold President Carlyle’s body-chip to ransom for access to the same technology – ensuring they can live forever too.

They give up pretty quickly when Dredd takes them on. They end up scoring a kind of victory though when it turns out Carlyle got a taste for flying (could he feel through the bio-chip?), and implants his personality into one of the Aliens and plans to give them equal rights now he’s one of them!

Rap Sheet

Many of the Wild Aliens are arrested by the Constable.


Many of the Wild Aliens are killed by Dredd.


A fairly straightforward conclusion. There’s not quite enough character work to care about anyone on this planet, so it doesn’t quite come off. There’s also some (to me) strange shadowing artwork from Ron Smith here which left me a bit confused.


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