Prog #163: Who Wins My Tiara – Wins Me! (The Judge Child, part 8: An Alien Tale)

Case File

It’s Primitive Alien Romantic Comedy, with Dredd arriving at the end to resolve the plot.

331509-19752-125485-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd barely gets a mention here, arriving just at the end to decide this place isn’t worth spending much time on.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The planet Ombra is fairly Earth-like from what we see, with caves, plant-life and forests in the distance. We don’t get any indication of where this place is in relation to Earth.

The Alien Zoo

The inhabitants of Ombra, the Om, are in a “primitive” state according to Dredd. They superficially resemble stereotypical ideas of pre-humans or Neanderthals, and use bones and twigs as clothes and accessories.

Buggo is an Om with a good line in painting, and a determination to win the affections of Uglika – a much-sought after Om woman (who dresses herself up with beetle-blood lipstick and rats-teeth necklace).

His rival for her affections is the fearsome Black Boab. He’s pretty big around these parts, and rides a nasty-looking beast resembling a hair-covered rhino with two enormous horns on its head.

Buggo and Boab get into a fight for Uglika’s affections. The night before, Buggo seeks help from the Gods. As he’s on the verge of losing the battle, Justice-1 appears in the skies – distracting Boab, who ends up under the hoofs of his steed.

After Dredd and Co. leave, Buggo paints Dredd as his new “dreaded face of God”.


Black Boab ends up crushed under his hairy rhino.


Hmmm. This is another one where I’m not exactly sure what to think. I like the experimentation with what we’d call in the Doctor Who world a “Dredd-lite” episode, with the Judge barely appearing at all. Telling the story from a completely outside point of view – and with rhyming! – is interesting, but I’ve never been a fan of playing on stereotypes of “primitive” culture. On balance it’s probably just about OK, but I’m really hoping we get back to the actual Judge Child soon.


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