Prog #161: A Touch of the Broken Arms! (The Judge Child, part 6)

Case File

Dredd gives chase to Brother Bunsen in the “Jaws of Doom”, fights a Thing, completes a high dive – but loses the Judge Child.

243636-19752-118567-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd gets to demonstrate his physical prowess here, scaling the interior of the enormous “Jaws of Doom” statue, battling The Thing From The Pit and then completing a frankly majestic high dive from the top of the statue into a bucket of water below. If the Judge thing doesn’t work out, he’s got a future in the Lunar Olympics.

Dredd loses the Judge Child after all that, but swears he’ll track the boy down or never return to the Big Meg.

Friends of Dredd

Owen Krysler is taken off-world by the Angel Gang.


Brother Bunsen is left hanging from a fang of the Jaws of Doom.

The Thing From the Pit is left with a very sore arm after Dredd jumps on it.

The Angel Gang use Dredd being distracted by the Thing and quickly (very quickly) hijack a spacecraft and leave Earth.


A quick and action-focused wrap up to the Texas City part of the story. This is just for OK for me – not terrible, but not fantastic. The shift at the end to Dredd tracking the Angel Gang into space is a good move, suggesting they’ve learned the lessons from The Day the Law DiedThe Day the Law Died and are regularly changing things up.


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