Prog #160: No Gratitude, That’s Your Problem! (The Judge Child, part 5)

Case File

Dredd tracks Brother Bunsen to Texas City, where the Monk is using the Judge Child as a fortune teller. Before he can find the boy though, Dredd is going to have to take on the infamous Angel Gang.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd flat out states that the Judge Child will be Chief Judge of Mega-City One – so his doubts from the first episode seem to be gone.

Dredd prefers to work alone.

Friends of Dredd

Only a short appearance from Judge Child Owen here, but we get the sense he’s playing Brother Bunsen to the best of his ability. He doesn’t warn the Monk about the arrival of the Angel Gang.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

They build things big in Texas City – from buildings to cowboy statues (the Statue of Tex). The buildings look similar in some ways to the ones we’ve seen in Mega-City One, with some additional Texan iconography like horses, stars and saddles. One of the buildings, the Everest Oil Tower, is so tall it has a permanent snow cap.

Texas City is currently implementing a program of “mutie clearances”, rounding up mutants and taking them out to Lake Louisiana. Apparently Mega-City One did some very similar “years ago”.

Some mutants with permits are allowed to stay and take part in “Mutieworld”, where dumb macho citizens prove their manly manliness by facing a mutant. Many of them die while doing this, which seems to only make the theme park more popular.

The Law

Texas City Judges have similar uniforms to Judges from the Big Meg, but with a cowboy hat instead of a helmet.


Brother Bunsen has set himself up as a fortune teller, using Owen’s skills to tell the paying customers when they will die.

The Angel Gang are the bane of the Texas City Judges. Headed up by Pa Angel, they’ve just broken out of jail and are out to get offworld. They somehow find out about the Judge Child, and plan to use his pre-cog abilities to fund their escape.

Junior Angel is a nasty piece of work, while Mean Machine has a dial set in his forhead with 4 settings. As he turns it up, he becomes meaner and crankier.

The Gang spot Dredd following Bunsen, and release the Thing from the Pit to take them both down.


We see the “Thing from the Pit” at Mutieworld crush two people.


It’s great to see another big Mega-City in action, and the Texan stereotypes aren’t too overplayed. The Angel Gang are interesting additions, and Mean Machine is a fun concept.


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