Prog #159: It’s Not Smart to Keep a Garbage God Waiting! (The Judge Child, part 4)

Case File

It’s time for Faro to ascend to the heavens, taking the Judge Child with him. Can Dredd stop the party before it goes too far?

331443-19752-125472-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd again calls on the Lawmaster to get him out of his predicament here, and then tries to save the Judge Child before he is killed by Faro and the Brotherhood. Dredd ends up fulfilling Owen’s prophecy by killing Faro, but is unable to stop Faro killing what turns out to be a a Judge Child-fake.

Dredd seems genuinely shocked when he thinks Owen’s been killed (“My Grief!”), which suggests that he now actually believes the Judge Child is important to the future of Mega-City One.

Friends of Dredd

Brewster leads the slaves in the revolt against the Brotherhood as Dredd handles Faro.


Faro organises himself a grand funerary procession before his imminent demise, with dancing dervishes, ten slave sacrifices, a parade of mutants that look kind of like old Egyptian gods, and himself (wearing a fabulous outfit made out of old ringpulls) and the Judge Child being pulled behind in caskets. He’s then followed up by a lot of trash as tribute.

Faro’s destiny is fulfilled by Dredd, but in his final (very nasty) act, he slams shut the casket on the fake “Judge Child”, which has a large spike in its lid – impaling the child.

Brother Bunsen, who caught Dredd in the last episode, leaves before the funeral procession with the real Judge Child in a box.


Faro and the duplicate Judge Child are done for, while it seems like the slaves apparently kill the Trash Brotherhood by rolling them down a hill on old skateboards.


A more action-packed issue, with a twist at the end that will keep the story spinning on a bit longer. The “funeral” for Faro is extravagant and over-the-top, with some effective art from Ron Smith. All in all a pretty good end to this first segment of the epic.


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