Prog #158: Those Old Gods Won’t Know What Hit Them! (The Judge Child, part 3)

Case File

Dredd finds the Judge Child, but the boy is about to sacrificed alongside the “Garbage God” in Faro’s Tomb.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd’s strategy to get into Memphis is successful, and he’s able to use his Lawmaster to break free of his captors and impersonate one of them. But his rescue of the Judge Child comes undone, and he ends up drugged and at the mercy of the Brotherhood of Trash.

Friends of Dredd

We still don’t know much about Owen Krysler, AKA the Judge Child, but I’m going to be optimistic and put him into this category. He’s predicted the death of Faro, and is known as “Bird Boy” due to the eagle-shaped birthmark on his face. Faro intends for the Judge Child to die alongside him as his “guide” in the afterlife. He’s drugged by one of the Brotherhood, and unfortunately in his sleep warns the Brotherhood that Dredd is coming.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Faro has constructed a range of old-Egyptian style paraphernalia in old Memphis as his tomb in preparation for his death, including pyramids and a Needle monument. As Dredd puts it, Faro has basically re-created Ancient Egypt. The large head from last episode is added to the top of his tomb with plasti-seal.

The Law

Dredd has a signalling device that can remote contact his Lawmaster inserted under a sheet of “plasti-skin” in his arm.


Filmore Faro is most certainly bonkers. He seems to have accepted the Judge Child’s prediction entirely, and is preparing to bury himself surrounded by his “treasure” – the garbage of the old pre-war world. We get our first proper look at him, and he’s a pretty decrepit figure dressed in old garbage. He was apparently a “cheap hustler” from Texas City before starting his lucrative garbage enterprise.

It’s re-stated here that the Brotherhood of Trash aren’t believers in Faro, but are using him for their own wealth. Not sure what they plan to do after he’s dead.


A pretty simple continuation with no huge standout moments. It’s an interesting strategy to keep us from finding out too much about the Judge Child so far – Dredd finally meets him but he’s been drugged. The tables being turned on Dredd at the end is an effective cliffhanger.


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