Prog #157: Garbage To You Too, Brother! (The Judge Child, part 2)

Case File

In order to track down the Judge Child, Dredd gets himself auctioned off as a slave.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Following up the clue from last episode, Dredd rides into Neutron Flats with a radiation cloak draped over himself and the bike. After learning from the Auctioneer that Krysler was sold to Filmore Faro, Dredd decides to get in to Faro’s territory by being auctioned off as a slave himself.

Dredd is sold for 300.

Friends of Dredd

Dredd meets Brewster Onelug, a slave who escaped Faro – and was then captured again. He and Dredd are both headed to Memphis.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Neutron Flats is a large and bustling town in the Cursed Earth. It may just be because this particular slave auction is on, but from what we see depicted here the town seems to primarily revolve around those auctions – with stores and street venders devoted to that nasty past-time.

The Brotherhood of Trash is a “religion” that has grown up around Filmore Faro, the “Garbage King” who owns the Garbage Mines. The Mines themselves are the remains of a large town – preserved as it was before the war thanks to a big helping of radioactive dust. All the old “antiques” are dug up and sold for a huge profit. This might become clearer in the episodes ahead, but are these being sold in Mega-City One? Is there trade between the Cursed Earth and the Big Meg?

The Law

Dredd sees the desperate need for Law and justice in the Cursed Earth, but can’t focus on that right now as he’s in the middle of another pesky mega-epic.

Dredd’s Lawmaster can be given detailed instructions and left to trundle off on its own. It can also give some pretty good pithy comebacks.


The Brotherhood of Trash work for Filmore Faro, and seem to run the mining operation for the Garbage King. The Auctioneer believes they’re not actually religious at all but are pretending as Faro himself seems to be the religious kind – at least in the sense that he views himself as some sort of God.

We don’t meet Faro personally in this one, but we learn that he’s got a high enough opinion of himself to build an enormous bust of himself (with a fetching saucepan helmet) and two large pyramids in his main hangout in Memphis. He apparently believes himself to be descended from the ancient Pharaohs. Dredd’s succinct assessment based on what he knows of Faro so far? “A five-star kook”.


Dredd’s Lawmaster takes out two of the Brotherhood of Trash.


A lot happens in this prog, possibly even too much as the plot is condensed down to the bare essentials. The cult devoted to garbage is an interesting idea, and the nastiness of the slave auctions is another look at the dark side of humanity.


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