Prog #156: Death It Is Then! (The Judge Child, part 1)

Case File

Dredd heads into the Cursed Earth to find the “Judge Child”, prophesied to avert disaster for Mega-City 1 decades in the future.

243629-19752-118563-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd is nowhere near 100% convinced that this Judge Child prophecy is accurate, although the description of the boy that he gets from one of the slavers definitely helps.

Dredd is happy to leave that slaver sinking into “sulphur sand” while he presses him for information. He then takes him out of the sand – and lets the ex-slaves hang him. Can’t imagine that’s strictly within the Law.

Dredd’s next stop is the slave markets in Neutron Flats, after he sends off a message pod back to the City.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Cursed Earth is home to mutant “domesteads”, small communities within large domes. They’re often raided by slavers.

Owen Krysler is young, bald and has a birthmark in the shape of an eagle on his forward. According to the slaver, he was strangely calm about the death of his parents before being taken as a slave.

The Law

Judge Feyy is the oldest “pre-cog” in the Justice Department, and has a rate of accurate visions at 88.8%. At some point in the past he must have been near death, and was placed in suspended animation in the Vaults. He apparently asked to be kept alive until Griffin was Chief Judge (no idea why).

He has had a vision of a disastrous war in 2120 that leaves the City destroyed and at the mercy of monstrous beasts. Owen Krysler is apparently the only hope, “fated to rule Mega-City One in its darkest hour”.

Apparently other pre-cogs have predicted disaster of some kind in the 2120’s.


The slave-traders are typically nasty pieces of work, preying on the vulnerable mutielanders. This gang are taken down in short order by Dredd.


The slave trading gang are all killed by Dredd, with the exception of one who falls victim to his own victims.


Here we are at the start of another mega-epic, and one I know basically nothing about. It’s good to see Dredd back in the Cursed Earth, and there’s the usual fantastic artwork from Bolland. The prophecy aspect doesn’t sit hugely well with the series as it has been up to know, but I suppose the groundwork was laid with the recent introduction of Psi-Division. An average start, with plenty to go.


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