Prog #154: It’s Time I Had a Slice of the Action! (The Blood of Satanus, part 3)

Case File

Dredd follows Rex into the streets of Old New York to try and take down the Beast-Man.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd manages to use a small dagger to free himself from Rex’s clutches. He then follows the beast into Old New York, and tries to bait the creature with his own blood.

This plan doesn’t go so well. Dredd had earlier handcuffed a petty burglar he’d come across, and instead of Rex going for Dredd the Dino Man devours the burglar.

Dredd doesn’t seem to be too shaken up by this. As he arrested the perp, he thinks to himself that burglary and beast-rampages are all the same to him.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Old New York is a “wild” area of the City home to a range of criminal elements.


Rex Peters is still changing back and forth between his human and dinosaur bodies. He realises that the Dino part won’t let him kill himself, but after Dredd takes him out he thanks the Judge for ending his suffering.


Dredd shoots Rex after the Beast-Man has just devoured a citizen Dredd had arrested.


The conclusion is a little routine, but still enjoyable. The moment when the citizen that Dredd had handcuffed earlier is killed by Rex is pretty shocking, and is a very bad error of judgement for Dredd. It isn’t touched on here, and probably won’t be later, but that’s actually the stand out moment for me.

It’s also a bit strange that given Dredd’s history with Satanus that isn’t touched upon at all.


2 thoughts on “Prog #154: It’s Time I Had a Slice of the Action! (The Blood of Satanus, part 3)

  1. This was Pat Mills last Dredd strip for some decades. Pat was the creator of 2000ad and was responsible for early classics that significantly expanded Dredd’s world including The Return Of Rico and The Cursed Earth.
    Thrill Power Overload has a bit about The Blood Of Satanus, saying that originally it intended to humanise Dredd a bit by bringing in a romantic subplot. John Wagner (Dredd’s creator and main writer) didn’t want it to happen so Pat’s script was changed. There is no hint that there was any animosity about this and Pat Mills probably just decided to leave Dredd to Wagner from then onwards.


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