Prog #153: And All Because of Stupidity! (The Blood of Satanus, part 2)

Case File

Rex Peters changes into a ravenous man/dinosaur hybrid and starts killing.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is a little odd in this one. He’s annoyed that the call he got from Lynsey Peters last episode was genuine, but as another Judge points out there’s not much he could have done anyway. I think the main issue is actually the strangely dramatic pose artist Ron Smith puts Dredd in here, with his fists clenched and head upwards to the sky.

Dredd gets a tip-off that Rex has headed to his office, and finds him trying to hang himself. But the Dino part is too strong and Dredd finds himself being strangled by a T-Rex tail.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Dredd interviews a scientist colleague of Ratfinkle’s – who seems to suddenly know a lot about this mutant creation’s eating habits and the effects of the metamorphosis.


The unfortunate Rex Peters has to move over into this category as he changes fully into a ravenous lizard and devours both his own wife and the very, very stupid Ratfinkle. The change comes and goes though – later on he reverts back to human form, but then is back to Dino very soon.

Distraught over what he’s done, he attempts to hang himself in his office (not really sure why he had to do it there) but changes back into the beast and attacks Dredd.


Lynsey Peters and Ratfinkle are the first two courses for Dino Man Rex.


Another dark prog with the deaths of both Lynsey Peters and Ratfinkle. Ron Smith’s artwork really shines here, with great use of small and narrow boxes. The plot continues its over-the-top trajectory, but still very entertaining.


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