Prog #152: Suck My Kid Glove, Punk! (The Blood of Satanus, part 1)

Case File

A maligned scientist is determined to make a name for himself, by experimenting with the recreated blood of the dinosaur Satanus.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is too busy “besieging” an entire building here to get involved with the main Satanus plotline.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

A genetic research laboratory has somehow gotten hold of some “plasma-based secretions” from the terrifying Satanus after he was resurrected before the Atomic War. They’re planning on investigating growing a new tyrannosaur. Geniuses.

Rex and Lynsey Peters, married for a year, fall victim to Ratfinkle’s nefarious plan to experiment with the dinosaur blood. Unknowingly fed the Satanus sauce, Rex begins to get scaly and hungry for raw meat…

The Law

Lawmasters can receive video calls from citizens. Even in the middle of a full-scale assault!


In a pantheon of bizarre villains, Cyril J. Ratfinkle is certainly in the top echelons. He works at the research laboratory that is investigating Satanus’ blood, but his queries about what would happen if someone drank the blood (you know, the kind of sensible scientific question someone would ask) is mocked. He steals the blood, drip feeds it to Rex Peters and observes the hapless citizen’s physical and psychological changes.

Rap Sheet

Dredd takes down a kidnapper holding a couple of kids hostage.


This one seriously took me a while to process. It’s so jam-packed with insane hilarity that my teeth ached. A lot of this is only going to work depending on where it goes, but I have to admire the strip for just going full-throttle for madness. The idea of a scientist using recreated blood to actually turn someone into a dinosaur is crazy but fun. We were always going to have a rematch of some kind with Satanus, and they are at least going about it in an very unexpected way!


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