Prog #151: Get Lost, Creep! (Judge Death, part 3)

Case File

Anderson is being forced to help restore Death’s body – but she makes the supreme sacrifice to stop his evil from infecting the City.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is clearly impressed with Anderson’s actions in this episode, and respects her enough to follow her lead.

Friends of Dredd

Anderson, we hardly knew ye. She demonstrates a tremendous sense of mental strength throughout this episode, fighting Death as the dark spectre attempts to force her to restore his body. She even crashes an ambulance, risking her own life, to stop him.

Eventually she’s left with no choice but to take Death’s spirit to a place where he can be resurrected, but she is able to transmit the word “Boing” to the other Psi-Division telepaths. She is encased in the impenetrable plastic, with the spirit of Judge Death inside her.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Boing is still going strong, and saves the world in this one. Gotta assume the marketing department are on to that.

The Law

Other telepaths within Psi-Division work to contact Anderson while she’s under the influence of Death.

Encased in a solid block of Boing, Anderson is displayed in the Hall of Justice Hall of Heroes as a commemoration to her bravery and self-sacrifice. It has a huge eagle badge at her feet with “Supreme Sacrifice” inscribed in it, and a plague below her that reads “A Monster Dwells Within Her”. The Judges cannot risk Death escaping, so there is no way Anderson can ever be released.


Judge Death is a powerful psychic force, and despite Anderson’s strength is able to force her body to a place where he can be resurrected. He forces her to obtain his charred skeleton, and then heads to a place in the City where “dead fluids” can revive his body. This is the weakest part of the story – the dead fluids are not explained at all, nor is who or what has this technology lying around.

The Judges destroy Death’s body before it is resurrected, and he is then trapped within Anderson’s body as it is encased in Boing.


The exact states of Anderson and Judge Death are left unclear.


Well, as quickly as we meet them, Anderson and Death are gone. Baddies are always more fun, so it’s no surprise that Judge Death gets the starring role here, but for me Anderson is the real standout character. Death is very well-realised by Bolland and his bizarre inversion of the Judges is a great conceit, but Anderson in two progs manages to make a mark as a character and then demonstrate strength and resilience in dealing with the problem. The use of a a comedy product from a fun episode to resolve a dark and dramatic evil is also cleverly done.

A packed three episodes that will have huge ramifications – and they all work excellently.


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