Prog #150: We Will Be Partners In Death! (Judge Death, part 2)

Case File

The Judges manage to separate Death from his cadaverous body, and then call in Psi-Division to find out more about their supernatural visitor.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd isn’t impressed with Anderson’s “flippancy”.

Friends of Dredd

Dredd meets Psi-Judge Anderson for the first time here. It’s a bit of a shock seeing someone with such a wide grin and a light attitude in a Judge’s uniform – and there’s enough evidence that she enjoys teasing Dredd with her relaxed attitude to professionalism. She is apparently the best operator in Psi-Division, and manages to make contact with Judge Death’s spectral form. After returning home though, she finds that Death has some measure of control over her.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Way, way, beyond. Judge Death comes from a dimension where the upholders of law realised all crimes were committed by the living. So they made being alive a crime. Can’t fault their logic I guess. Death’s world is now “cleansed” and he has crossed over to our world to bring his Law here.

The Law

Justice Department has a Psi-Division, which is made up of Judges who have “abnormal psychic power”. Not only does this confirm the presence of psychic powers in the 22nd Century, but implies the Division fights crimes or threats of a similar nature.

The Judges in Psi-Division have the same uniforms, but instead of a name on their badge there is a circle with “Psi” printed on it. Apparently Psi-Judges are “highly strung”.


Death’s body eventually falls victim to incendiary bullets, but his mist-like spirit escapes (accompanied by a foul smell). The spirit can be contacted by a strong telepath, but Death can turn the tables and both influence Anderson and then attempt to hijack her body.


Two big introductions in a row! Anderson is immediately fantastic – it’s a genuine shock seeing her wide grin and carefree attitude. Bolland’s artwork again is the real star here though, with the spectral version of Death and the contact with Anderson very well realised. Some of this is informed by what we know this (and the last) prog means for the ongoing story, but it feels like things have kicked up a gear.


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