Prog #148: There’s No Stopping These Brainless Beasts! (Alien Seeds)

Case File

The City is being overrun with alien creatures grown from seeds, somehow being smuggled in from space.

2168673-148Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is the one who deduces that a Government Space Rig can get past customs without being checked.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Despite the danger of the alien seeds, and the fact they’re illegal, citizens are still planting and growing the creatures even after several years. If the example we see here is any indication, people grow them for fun and then kick them out into the streets when they get all bitey. They’re such a problem that they’re becoming too much for Vermin Control to handle.

MC-1 Department of Agriculture (DEPTAG) has an experimental Space Farm in operation, utilising low gravity to make things grow to incredible size.

Vermin Control seems to rely primarily on robots with rifles of some kind.

The Alien Zoo

The alien seeds are smuggled in, then actually sold in packets and marketed. They began arriving several years ago. When planted, multi-coloured sprouts grow in a few days. When grown, they begin to growl and get ready to enter the second phase – becoming alien animals. The stalk splits into legs, and they become mobile and vicious.

The Law

The Judges had already passed a law banning the alien seeds, but this hasn’t stopped the problem.

More Chief Griffin here, more relying on Dredd for everything.

The Justice Department have their own space vessels, which will be useful in the event of any Space Quests that could theoretically need to happen.


Three DEPTAG employees are utilising the Space Farm to grow the alien creatures to enormous size, and harvest the seeds, which are then sent back to Earth. Dredd arrives to shut down the operation.

Dredd shuts down the gravity, leaving the creatures helpless and ready to be cleaned up by Vermin Control.

Rap Sheet

Two of the DEPTAG gang are eaten by the monsters they’re growing before they can be “cropped” at the first stage.


The last of the alien farmers is “rescued” by Dredd, but is heading to an isolation cube.


A fairly lightweight story that is improved with some good artwork, and another exploration of how far citizens are willing to go to avoid boredom.


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