Prog #146: There’s No Point In Being King If You Can’t Do The Impossible! (New Year is Cancelled)

Case File

Four-year old Albert Sherman is holding the City to ransom with H-Bombs.

243620-19752-118562-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd comes up with a neat solution to the problem – leaving Albert up close and personal with his bombs as incentive for the child to disarm them.

Dredd also decides that the best course of action for Albert is for him to join the Judges, learn discipline and utilise his brains in service of the Law.

Friends of Dredd

We get another check-in with Chief Judge Griffin, who basically just follows Dredd’s lead. Again. I’d really like to see some more development of Griffin.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Auto-Teach Machines can provide a rapid education to children, including subjects such as Atomic Physics and History of the Universe.

The Law

For a while, the Judges are forced to obey the Sherman boy and shut down the street parties and celebrations taking place for New Years.


Little Albert Sherman has become a super-genius after years of exposure to the Auto-Teach Machine. By six months, he could speak 37 languages fluently. Buy four, he has made his parents rich through investing on the stock market. But he’s looking for a new challenge, and wants to be King of Mega-City One.

He is somehow able to build H-Bombs, and then hide them in different points around the City – including one in the Cursed Earth as a demonstration (did he get his parents to do that?). He’s rigged them with a code that he has to type in every hour, or they will explode. He orders New Years to be cancelled, and then for himself to be installed as King.

After the Judges locate the bombs, Albert is forced to disarm them after Dredd handcuffs him to one of them. Unable to be arrested as a minor, he is instead enrolled in the Academy of Law. What could possibly go wrong with giving a sociopath access to the weaponry and power of a Judge?

Block Mania

The first bomb due to explode is hidden in Andy Stewart Block.


Another in what feels to me like a mini series of lighter episodes that were released around the holiday period in 1979. Although of course, in the world of Dredd a “lighter” story still involves a sociopathic four-year-old with nuclear weaponry. A good story with a dark undercurrent.


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