Prog #145: That’s the Addictive Factor! (Uncle Ump’s Umpty Candy)

Case File

They’re the best-tasting sweets in the world. In fact, they’re far too tasty. Dredd and the Judges battle the citizen’s sweet tooth – with a bad result result for poor Uncle Ump.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd tries some of the candy – all in the course of the investigation, obviously. Even he is forced to admit it’s “excellent”.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Uncle Ump’s Umpty Candy is the “most popular confection of the early 22nd Century”. It comes in a wide variety of types, such as Opal Umps, Ump Gums, Dairy Ump and… you get the picture.

Uncle Ump has a Willy Wonka-style factory that makes the very popular candy, and is doing so well that he’s driving other sweets companies out of business – causing riots as they try to storm Ump’s factory and close him down.

The candies are all highly addictive, and withdrawal symptoms include crying, hysteria and hallucinations. It turns out that – according to Dredd – “Uncle Ump has discovered the most wonderful taste the world has ever known!”. Hilariously, even an analysis machine loves it and demands more “samples”.

The Law

Not even the Judges, including Chief Judge Griffin, are immune to the sugary siren song of Umpty Candy.

Faced with the possibility of the City descending into sweet-based chaos, the Judges announce that Uncle Ump is killed during an interrogation and ban his sweets. They then send him far, far away…

Block Mania

The first signs of Umpty Candy withdrawal are detected at the hospital in Arnold Stang Block.

Rap Sheet

Uncle Umpty is “arrested”, but his sentence is pretty horrific. He’s placed in a spacecraft that will keep him alive until his natural death, but is sent on an endless trip away from Earth. As Umpty points out, he hasn’t broken any laws. Dredd calmly states that “sometimes it is the innocent who must suffer”.

Poor Uncle Umpty.


Another lighter episode, that was quick and fun to read. I had to admit, I assumed that the Judges would find out that Uncle Ump was deliberately creating addictive chocolate to boost sales. But it seems like he just hit upon a good recipe – and so is bundled off into the depths of outer space.

The addictive quality of the candy doesn’t really make sense here – but all in all, a sugar hit without much substance. So, very appropriate.


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