Prog #142: For Pete’s Sake, Go Easy With That Stick! (The Black Plague, part 3)

Case File

All that stands between Mega-City 1 and the deadly swarm of mutant spiders is a Judge, a talking horse and a last desperate ride. It’s Hi-Ho Ornery Horse, Away!

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd trades in his Lawmaster for Henry Ford, Moze Bigleftear’s talking horse, as he attempts to warn Mega-City 1 about the impending spider situation. He doesn’t have a lot of time for Henry’s attitude.

Friends of Dredd

Henry earns his “Friend of Dredd” cred here, carrying Dredd through the spider swarm to get within communication distance. He’s understandably less than happy with Moze volunteering him for this mission, but carries through. With a fair amount of grumbling. He ends the episode with his legs paralysed by spider venom, but we’re not given confirmation of whether he’s alive or dead.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Cal’s wall is really coming in handy. There are now large cannons set up in parts of it that can fire shells with “one ton of liquid fire” each.


The spiders reach the Big Meg, but can’t make it through the defensive barrage. But they haven’t been wiped out – three-quarters of them burrowed underneath the earth to avoid the blast. And as night falls, they begin to scuttle out…

Apparently if the spiders don’t eat soon, they’ll begin to turn on each other.


We learn that eight of the townsfolk died in the defence of Atom Gulch in the last episode.


Great idea to give Dredd and Henry Ford an episode to themselves. I don’t know if I’m crazy, but that horse is my favourite character in a long while. I’m going to be pretty cranky if he’s toast.

Otherwise, another good progression and yet another great cliffhanger. There’s not a lot of space left to wrap this up, but so far I’ve liked the pacing and structure of this story.


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