Prog #138: His Whole Being Cried Out For Blood! Blood! (Night of the Bloodbeast)

Case File

The bodies are piling up in Enid Blyton Block, and Dredd finds himself up against a clawed-and-fanged reminder of the terrible reign of Judge Cal.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd gets a reminder of the dark days under Cal, and the fearsome might of the Kleggs. A little oddly, after working out the Klegg’s background he actually displays pity for the creature – going so far as to call him “innocent”.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Back when the Kleggs were being billeted in citizens’ homes, the Johnsons discovered a remaining mutated, semi-intelligent Klegg left behind. They made a strange decision to keep it and then try and sell it once everything had calmed down.

This terrible decision is repaid when the Klegg’s hunger gives him the strength to escape and kill them.

The Alien Zoo

The Kleggs apparently treated the mutated Klegg like a pet dog – but even they were afraid of how vicious he could be.

The Law

We get some new Justice Department ordinance here, with Dredd ordering the use of “Dum-Dum” bullets which give “maximum kill power” and should be used in extreme circumstances.


The unnamed Klegg is apparently the last remaining one after the Klegg forces were destroyed at the end of Chief Judge Cal’s reign of terror. Mutated and savage, he was kept by the Johnsons without meat. The hunger finally overwhelmed him, and he escaped – first killing the Johnsons and then beginning a rampage through their Block.

While he can think and reason to some extent, he is overwhelmed by the instinctual drive for blood and meat.

Block Mania

The Klegg’s rampage takes place in Enid Blyton Block. The Johnsons imagine that with their new wealth they could have moved to Charlton Heston or Ricardo Montalban Block.


The Klegg is taken down by the Judges’ weaponry – but it takes a little while for his body to realise that he’s been killed.

The Johnsons are among the unknown number of victims the Klegg managed to devour before being taken down.


This is a really enjoyable, fast-paced and well told story, one of my favourites so far. The series works really well when it draws on its own history, and having a remaining Klegg after the end of The Day the Law Died is very clever. There’s a slightly bizarre return to “social justice Dredd” right at the end, but otherwise this is a snappy (no pun intended) and fun prog.


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