Prog #136: Boy, What A Boing! (Palais de Boing)

Case File

A new craze is sweeping the Big Meg – BoingⓇ! This miracle product creates a bouncy bubble-like ball around you and lets you bounce around big play areas. But some crazy kids decide to take Boing to the streets, with terminal results.

Ol’ Stoney Face

As we’ve seen before, Dredd just finds these crazes ridiculous and probably just assumes it’ll lead to more work for him. Which it does.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Boing is an aerosol spray that “turns people into human pinballs!”. Basically you spray it on, and a bubble-like shell of shock-absorbent plastic extends all around you that you can breath through. You’re then really bouncy, and “Palais de Boing’s” have been built with large clear tunnels that people bounce their way through.

The Law

Judge Parker falls victim to the Boing Kids, and is understandably pretty unhappy that this is how he goes out.

After the escapades of this prog, a warning is added to the Boing spray that specifies improper use will see you get 20 years in the slammer.

We get a reference to “correction blocks”.


Three kids decide to test just how shock-absorbent Boing is, and jump from the top of a huge skyscraper. They end up out of control, killing Judge Parker and causing untold damage.

One of the kids is killed, one is stopped when Dredd uses an incendiary bullet to stick his bubble to the road, and the final illegal Boinger is shot out into the Cursed Earth. He ends up worshipped by the mutants as their Boing God. I swear to God I am not making any of this up.

Rap Sheet

The Boingers are going down for their antics, while one of the kids’ father is also headed for a correction block after trying to bribe Dredd with a donation to the “Judges Fund”.


Another Judge falls in the line of duty – squashed by a Boing bubble.

One of the kids is electrocuted when his bubble hits a power line. Terminal Boing!

Apparently 15 people die during this episode. Bad Boing!


OK, I was a bit sick of the word “Boing” by page 2, but I like the sheer craziness of this one. The meta approach with most of the episode treated as an advertisement for Boing is clever, and it’s just over the top enough to work.

It fits in well with previously established insane things that get developed and sold in Mega-City One, and given the recent Zorbing craze actually doesn’t seem too far-fetched! Good fun.


2 thoughts on “Prog #136: Boy, What A Boing! (Palais de Boing)

  1. One of the many examples when Dredd predicted the future – I can’t remember exactly when Zorbing started, but I do rememberr thinking “That’s BOING!”

    Loving your blog. As a long-term sqauxx, it’s great to read a fresh persepctive on old stories, and the posts are short and easy enough that they don’t end up on my endless “I’ll catch up with that later..” pile


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