Prog #135: Your Lousy Lie Detectors Are Lying! (The Invisible Man, part 2)

Case File

A “confession” leads Dredd to the Invisible Man, where he learns the true trick behind the crimes isn’t invisibility but time.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Time to meet another crazy citizen of Mega-City One. Edwin the Confessor is well known to the Judges, confessing to every crime under the sun in the hopes of getting a sentence. Edwin confesses to the robberies, but inadvertently reveals he actually knows about the real culprit.

As we’ve seen before, newspapers are still alive and kicking with titles like Mega-City Standard, Daily News and Morning News.

The Law

There’s a bizarre little bit where a caption says that occasionally the Judges take pity on Edwin and actually interrogate him when things weren’t “busy”. 800 million people and insane laws – when are they not busy?

More interestingly, Dredd clearly states interrogations cannot include torture.


The Invisible Man is carrying on with a string of impossible robberies, making the Justice Department look foolish. While Dredd and the Judges track Edwin to see what he knows, Smith and Clone Bankers are robbed right in front of them.

Eventually we learn the perpetrator is Benji Doonan, a cleaner at a company called Inter-Time that has invented a “time-warp” device that can slow time down. Doonan essentially freezes time and then commits the robberies.

Block Mania

Edwin lives in Carlos Santana Block, while Doonan crashes at Chubby Checker Block.

Rap Sheet

Edwin the Confesser gets his wish – a month’s imprisonment for giving false evidence.


Doonan goes out in a nasty way, switching on the time device just as a bullet from Dredd hits him. In the second it takes Dredd to reach him, hours pass and he dies of the wound.


This is another case, like the face-changing technology, where a gimmick is casually invented for a single crime that would have major¬†repercussions for society. Time travel technology is just casually dropped into the conversation by Dredd like it’s a new variety of Coke.

Putting that aside (which you just have to), this is a reasonably entertaining conclusion. We don’t get much about the villain due to the length, but his final end is memorably gruesome.


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