Prog #134: I Take That Kinda Personal! (The Invisible Man, part 1)

Case File

A criminal is on the loose who is apparently invisible and capable of moving incredibly fast.

243618-19752-118560-1-2000-a-dOl’ Stoney Face

Dredd is getting letters from “The Invisible Man” directly – I wonder if the other Judges ever get jealous of his celebrity?

In a development that should surprise no-one, he’s got no time for modern art.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

We get a peek inside the Mega-City Art Gallery, and a bit of rundown on the works of 21st century artist Bellini. His sculpture “E=MC²” is stolen by the Invisible Man, and is from his “Office Equipment” period which also produced his classic work “Staplers at Attention”.

We get another look at a Fergee War Memorial.

The Law

The Judges have rings run around them by the Invisible Man here, with Bellini’s sculpture stolen right under their nose and a planned sting operation completely failing.

We get more use of the riot foam to try and lock down the criminal – but this only succeeds in annoying a whole bunch of citizens. Section 32 of the Anti-Crime code covers this sort of inconvenience. As Dredd says, “laws were made to protect the citizens – not to please them”.

According to Dredd there are 50,000 Judges in the Hall of Justice.


The Invisible Man remains a mysterious presence at the end of this prog. He sends notice of his crimes directly to Dredd, using cut out newspaper or magazine letters. As well as being invisible, he appears to be able to move extremely fast.

He’s able to get right into the Hall of Justice itself undetected to hand-deliver a note to Dredd. He plans to make him the “laughing-stock” of the City.


This is very much all set up, but I like seeing the Judges on the back foot and that we’re still left with a big mystery at the end. Dredd being frustrated is always a good look for the character!


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