Prog #133: He’s Obviously Crazy! (The Great Muldoon)

Case File

A flashy showman plans to use his own device to fall through a steel plate into a barrel of water. Dredd tries to stop him, because apparently he has nothing better to do.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Little Bowl is an open air arena for “public entertainments” in the north of Mega-City One.

The star attraction at the moment is the Great Muldoon, an old-times showman whose newest trick is to dive through a steel plate using a “particle converter”. This will apparently convert his body into “hyper waves” and back, allowing him to float through the plate.

It doesn’t work, and he gets splattered real good.

Muldoon’s act also consists of juggling, drinking water and reciting Shakespeare while falling.

The Law

For some reason I cannot work out, the Judges seem to be keeping an eye on performances at the Little Bowl in case they’re dangerous. Muldoon even has a permit from Deputy Chief Pepper to do his act – don’t they have enough crime to keep an eye on?

The Judges now have a hand-held lie detector called Birdie. As this is only to allow a terrible “little birdie told me” joke I have no more to say on the matter.


Dredd is distracted from Muldoon’s plummeting performance by two terrible criminals trying to steal the takings from Gate 2.

Rap Sheet

The two thieves will be doing time.


The Great Muldoon has his final performance, ending up as a Great Puddle.


This one just left me bemused to be honest. I have no idea why any of the Judges would be keeping an eye on performances, let alone the City’s best lawman. Muldoon kind of works as another crazy Big Meg citizen, but otherwise not much here to talk about. We get a new artist with Barry Mitchell, but I’m not really sold on his first effort here.


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