Prog #132: I Got Ugly Comin’ Outa My Ears! (Sob Story, part 2)

Case File

Dredd finds the biggest sob-story in Mega-City One, Otto Sump, to act as bait for the Sob Story killers.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The future for Sob Story doesn’t look great, with Dredd predicting the families of those murdered will hit them with lawsuits. Indeed at the end of the prog, host Johnny Teardrop is begging for donations for himself.

It’s a big hello to Otto Sump, who was apparently the runaway winner when Dredd searched for the hardest-luck case in the City. If his stories are to be believed, he was abandoned by his mother at a Face-Change clinic because he was so ugly, which eight successive face-changes could not improve. The only job he could ever get was in the sewers scaring rats away, and even then he was sacked after interventions from animal rights groups.

The Law

Even Chief Judge Griffin is saddened by Sump’s sob story.


We don’t really learn any meaningful specifics about the gang at work here, with the only actual name spoken being Dr Benson – but we can assume that’s false. Apparently Sump would make the 42nd victim of this fairly easy and obvious crime strategy.

To spell it out, they wait for a big winner on Sob Story who lives in a Mo-Pad to collect their donations, kill them and then set their mobile homes on auto.

Rap Sheet

The “Sob Story” criminals are presumably doing time, although it’s not clear if some (or all) of them are killed by Dredd.


Otto Sump is a great over-the-top character, and some of the specific moments like Teardrop playing the violin while the Sob Sisters wail are good. But the story as a whole just doesn’t hang together enough to hold my interest. I find the concept of the Mo-Pads more interesting than the gameshow, and would have liked to have seen a more in-depth look at that part of the Big Meg.


2 thoughts on “Prog #132: I Got Ugly Comin’ Outa My Ears! (Sob Story, part 2)

  1. Ron Smith’s Otto Sump is superbly grotesque. Johnny Teardrop is based on a UK TV presenter called Bruce Forsyth who hosted many game shows over the years usually involving humiliating members of the public. He had loads of catch phrases including “Didn’t he/she/they do well?” here turned into “Didn’t he sob well?”, and annother was “Good game, good game” which is “Good sob, good sob” in this story.


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