Prog #130: You Had It Coming, Big Boy! (Mob Blitzers)

Case File

The Judges are protecting the disembodied head of a mobster so he can get his new robot body and then testify against his old pals. The Mob Blitzers launch an attack to stop him.

Ol’ Stoney Face

It looks like Dredd is in charge of mob squealer Lazarus’s protection detail, bringing him back from his old stomping grounds on Luna-1. Dredd displays some considerable patience with the incredibly annoying Lazarus, before cracking and covering his mouth.

The Law

As I’ve discussed before, despite the seemingly total power of the Judges over the City they seem to have a lot of trouble with monsters and gangsters. Why exactly are they so reliant on Lips’s testimony? I know they have a rigid adherence to the Law, but you would assume if they’re happy to write a law that allows them to search a citizen’s home at any time for no reason they’d be happy to make it easier to get rid of these mobsters.


Joe “Lips” Lazarus was a member of the Mob, before he decided to testify against them. He was hiding out on Luna-1 but the Mob Blitzers found him even there, and that attempt to eliminate him destroyed his body. He’s heading back to the Big Meg to get his head on a Series 4 Replacement Body Unit and then testify.

Lips has a very annoying habit of doing impressions, particularly of movie stars. This trick does come in handy during the Blitzers assault on the Judges though as he impersonates their leader Elmo Hammer and orders them to stop.

The Mob Blitzers, led by Hammer, are enforcers for the Mob and are determined to silence Lazarus. They have “suicide boxes” implanted within them that detonate if they are captured, ensuring they can’t betray the Mob to the Judges. Bizarrely though, in the last part of this episode they explode due to the doubt of the Blitzers after Lips’s impression of their boss. These things seriously explode if you feel doubt?


It seems like all the Mob Blitzers are killed by their own “emotion-sensitive” suicide boxes.


I think I’ve said before that mobster and gangster stories aren’t really my cup of synthi-caf, so while I can appreciate the general mob cliches this story is playing on it doesn’t really do a whole lot for me. The idea of the emotion-influenced suicide bombs is also just too crazy to take seriously.


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