Prog #127: Put This In Your Pies! (Night of the Fog)

Case File

A Weather Control fault has left District 6 smothered in a thick fog, and creatures from old stories are kidnapping citizens from the street.

 The Big Meg (and Beyond)

A “massive equipment failure” has left one slice of the City covered in fog for over a week. Judges are patrolling the area to deal with the crime increase and warn citizens to stay inside.

Waxwork statues were long ago replaced by realistic robots, including in attractions like the Mega-City Chamber of Horrors.

The Law

We meet our first female Judge – Judge Kelly. She doesn’t get any lines and only appears on two panels but hey, progress!

Judges’ bikes have infra-red beams in their headlights.


The unnamed owner of the struggling Chamber of Horrors sent out his robot attractions to steal money from the citizens, but their innate programming saw them instead kidnapping and even killing instead. Where’s Asimov’s laws when you need them?

On the roster of old-timey horrors here is Sweeney Todd, Burke & Hare and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Rap Sheet

The Chamber of Horrors owner is off to the cells.


It’s not completely clear, but it looks like Robo-Burke & Hare claimed some victims.


This one mostly works as an atmosphere piece, which is really helped by Bolland’s artwork. The juxtaposition of an “old London pea-souper” with the historical ghouls and the futuristic world of Dredd works well as a quick hit.


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