Prog #126: You Po-Faced Bloodsucker! (The Guinea-Pig That Changed the Law)

Case File

A talking cat leads Dredd to rescue a guinea pig. That is seriously what happens.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd gets his own law named after him, The Dredd Act – forbidding the use of animals in experimentation. Somehow I just can’t imagine Dredd alongside the animal rights movement.

Friends of Dredd

Walter ends up with a pet here, a wise and long-suffering hamster called Monty who has been subjected experiments for years.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

As we’ve seen before, Mega-City One has been known to give animals intelligence and the ability to speak. The unnamed cat that directs Dredd to Doctor Galt’s lab suggests that this may have been a bit more widespread.

Some of this experimentation took place at Mega-Labs, but apparently stopped a few years back.

The common cold was wiped out almost a hundred years ago.

The Law

Current law allows for animal experimentation, even cruel projects on intelligent creatures, but this is changed soon after this little escapade.

Mack returns to give Dredd a little help with Dr Galt.


Dr Galt is trying to bring back the cold virus and hold the city to ransom. For reasons best known to himself, he published a novel under the pseudonym Rex Leaper that details that exact plan. He’s using animals for experimentation, but is brought down by his own virus when Dredd goes for a bust.


Dr Galt falls victim to his own re-created virus.


I suppose you have to admire the bold-faced bravado of having the first line of the episode be delivered by a talking cat. If you switch off your brain, this is relatively enjoyable but otherwise a bit of a misfire for me. Why on Earth would Galt write a novel about his plan? Why is the cat the only one that talks? Not one for the ages.


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