Prog #125: Hot Sounds Comin’ Up! (Father Earth, part 4)

Case File

The mutie army of Father Earth is on the rampage in the City, but Dredd and the Judges find help from an unlikely source – crazy, carnivorous alien plants.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd ends up fairly superfluous to requirements here, with most of the work handled by a bunch of flowers.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

So, some City bureaucrats somewhere decided it was perfectly OK to have the Botanical Gardens filled with huge, dangerous and murderous alien plants. There may have to be some reshuffling in the Planning Department.

The Alien Zoo

We get to see a range of terrifying alien plants here – the stinging-spore-shooting Puff Balls of Planet K-37, what look like giant Venus flytraps; and the star of the show: the Bloodplant, basically a giant mouth with dozens of tentacles and a hypnotic call. All these things are in the public Botanical Gardens.

The Law

In order to counteract the call of the Bloodplant, Dredd gets Justice Central to pump loud music through his helmet. I really want to know what’s on his playlist.


So Father Earth and his mutie army are in league with the Cosmic Punks, who Dredd exiled from Mega-City One a little while back. As in that story, Dredd makes pretty short work of them – and this time, their sentence is even tougher.

Father Earth’s gang come unstuck fast – some of them taken out by Judges, but most by the nasty space plants their initial “lava and earthquake” strategy released.

Father Earth feels a strong affinity with the Bloodplant, proclaiming it the God Plant. A lot of this is clearly just the hypnotic call at work, as he simply ends up chomped within the giant tentacle salad along with his last followers.

Given there were 10,000 people with him – it seems a bit of stretch to suggest that they are all devoured by plants. Some of them must have just run back to the Cursed Earth, right?

Rap Sheet

The Cosmic Punks are sentenced again – this time to life in an outer space penal colony.


As I said above, it’s a bit unclear exactly what happens to all of Father Earth’s followers. We can safely say a lot die though.


It’s a bit rushed at the end, and we don’t really get a sense of how they plan to beat the swarm of nasty alien plants, but otherwise I quite liked this. Father Earth being a victim of extra-planetary nature is nicely done, and I really liked that it was the Cosmic Punks who were involved. We’ve seen lots of “people Dredd arrested ages ago out for revenge”, but it’s good to have that plot with creeps we’ve actually seen before!


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