Prog #123: Shoot First, Make Arrests Later! (Father Earth, part 2)

Case File

Dredd and the Judges manage to stop the Doomsday Dogs from blowing up the Power Tower, and Dredd warns off Father Earth from attacking the City. But at the last moment Dredd realises that another bomb has been planted to coincide with the Mayoral vote.

Ol’ Stoney Face

We get to see Judge Dredd: Negotiator, here. As you might expect, he has a… unique style. Firstly, he skids his Lawmaster to shower Father Earth with dirt. He then gives them a single warning to leave, and tells Earth that he’ll happily chop him up for compost. He then rides away, declaring he’s done all that he could.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The Power Tower draws power from lava pumped beneath the Earth’s crust – what can possibly go wrong?

Voting booths were dispensed with 100 years ago, and now citizens vote from the comfort of their own homes with a simple set of buttons. The result is known instantly after being fed into the “friendly” City Hall computer Barney. As Dredd realises, this draws an enormous extra burst of power, which the Dogs rely on for their back-up plan.

Dredd realises too late what’s going on, and cannot stop the secondary bomb exploding – turning the Power Tower into a volcano.

The Law

Apparently the Judges can’t do anything against Father Earth’s army until they’ve actually broken laws. Apparently threatening to destroy the entire City, and actually sending the Doomsday Dogs to do exactly that, isn’t enough.


The Doomsday Dogs don’t last too long against Dredd and his Judges, and their first bomb doesn’t work. They planted a second one in the auxiliary vent that comes into effect during the election though, which detonates just in time for the cliffhanger.

Holy Grud!

Something about the line “a little dirt in the face never hurts in delicate negotiations like this” had me in stitches.

Rap Sheet

It looks like three of the Doomsday Dogs are arrested.


At least two of the Dogs are killed during the attack.


I quite enjoyed this one, as the story pulls the trigger on its “Doomsday” premise and actually has the back-up plan succeed. I’m still not finding Father Earth very interesting, but apart from that another decent instalment.


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