Prog #122: He’s a Walking Garden! (Father Earth, part 1)

Case File

In the Cursed Earth, a mutant leader with an affinity with growing nature has assembled a force to take down Mega-City One. Meanwhile the City prepares for the Mayoral election.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is more worried about the coming band of muties than his colleagues are.

Friends of Dredd

We’re back in the Cursed Earth! We learn that trading posts have been set up here, despite the radiation dangers.

MC-1 is poised for a Mayoral election. The two candidates are current Mayor Jim Grubb, who we saw being humiliated and imprisoned by Judge Cal (although he has twisted that event into him standing up to the insane tyrant), and Myra Schryll (who we don’t learn anything about in this episode).

The Big Meg’s power is drawn (at least in part) from a large electricity generating complex in the South of the City nicknamed “Power Tower”. Its destruction would lead to devastation for Mega-City One.

Dunks, taps and pongos are slang for pickpockets, muggers and confidence tricksters.

The Law

Justice Central learn about the incoming army heading towards them, but Chief Judge Griffin is convinced by Deputy Chief Judge Pepper that the wall defences can take care of them. The Judges are more concerned with security for the Mayoral selection.


We get our first look at Father Earth and his “Doomsday Dogs”. Father Earth appears to be a normal man but covered in a verity of flowers and vines. There’s a large flower in the middle of his forehead. He seems to be a spiritual leader, speaking of launching a “crusade” against the cityfolk of the Big Meg.

He claims to hate the citizens of MC-1 as they created the atomic wasteland and he plans to purify the world by getting rid of them. We learn at the end that the plan will involve the City’s power station, and a 10,000-strong march on the City itself.

The Doomsday Dogs are a nasty assortment of tough mutants with headdresses made of animal heads. They appear to act as Father Earth’s enforcers. They can somehow gain access to the City through the wall that surrounds it.

Rap Sheet

We see some small-time arrests, with Dredd giving Phillips, L. five months and Krabski, P. getting two years.


The two people who run a trading post in the Cursed Earth are strangled by creepers that extend out from Father Earth.


I’m not sold on the villains of the piece here yet, but it’s good to see the Cursed Earth is now a remembered part of the Dredd story. The references back to Cal’s treatment of the Mayor, and the building of the enormous wall, are also good world-building touches.


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