Prog #119: Judge Dwedd Hasn’t Finished His Lunch! (A Tale From Walter’s Scwapbook 1)

Case File

Hanging out with his robo-pals at the Hyper-Laundry, Walter tells the tale of how he helped Dredd foil a bank robbery – but then got sent to jail himself.

Ol’ Stoney Face

The story is told directly from Walter’s point of view, so I guess a lot of this has to be taken with that in mind. There’s some good moments for Dredd here as he actually eats the food that Walter has brought along to the case (!), but then tells the Robot he can’t bend the law and has to send Walter down for a month.

Friends of Dredd

Ah, Walter. We don’t learn a lot here we didn’t already know. Disturbingly, he’s still putting Dredd’s name prominently on his clothes so that the other robots at the laundry will know who Walter’s master is. Despite Walter’s subservient nature, he is pretty boastful about how close he is to the rockstar Judge. He also has a scrapbook of memories he must carry around with him everywhere.

At least early on in their relationship, Walter follows Dredd out on missions laden with food according to his strictly-planned diet. He then has no qualms about just following him into dangerous situations to ensure he eats at the right time.

Walter helps Dredd out here by throwing some food at a perp, which is technically a crime and lands him in the slammer for a month.

The Law

Dredd’s bike cannon can be customised to a narrow beam, allowing him to blast down a wall in a specific spot.


In Walter’s story, shortly after the Robot Wars Dredd took down a gang of robbers at the Credit Bank who had taken hostages.

Rap Sheet

It’s not clear exactly how many of the robbers Dredd arrests.

The main jailbird here is Walter – sentenced to a month for striking a human. Dredd seems a bit confused about this. Walter is free, so the usual robot rules shouldn’t apply, but he still has to do the time?

Anyway, Walter is totally OK with this and even tries to make friends with his cell-mate – an arrest of Dredd’s.


At least two of the would-be bank robbers are taken out.


A strange little story, that kind of works if you don’t expect too much from it. It’s the first time we’ve had a “flashback” story, but there doesn’t seem to be a huge need for that framing device. Not too much to say on this one, except that I do like Dredd having to sentence Walter to prison – and Walter stoically accepting it.


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