Prog #115: I Told You To Keep Your Hood On! (The DNA Man, part 3)

Case File

Dredd defeats the mutations sent to kill him, and then tries to track down Frankenstein and Dennis before they leave Mega-City One jurisdiction.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Hold the presses – Dredd actually thanks Walter for his help with the DNA Men! Release the fireworks!

Dredd manages to capture Dennis before he gets over the border, and is then furious with the Judges who allow him to then escape and go after Frankenstein. He suggests they’ll be kicked out for that infraction – in any other series you’d think it’s hyperbole. I’m fairly sure Dredd did ensure they got kicked out.

Friends of Dredd

Walter comes through with the goods here (again), incapacitating two of the DNA Men with hot cups of synthi-caff. He even gets a “good job” from Dredd, and presumably in a scene not shown he explodes with pleasure.

OK here’s a question that only just occurred to me: Is Walter still a Judge? Despite the fact Cal was insane, he was officially the Chief Judge – was he allowed to just appoint Judges? I need to know this information.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

We get our first look here at the glass-enclosed Northways Bridge, what must be a pretty lengthy bridge out of Mega-City One that halfway across is the end of Justice jurisdiction, similar to the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France. There’s literally a single black line that marks that point, and once Dr Frankey steps over it Dredd can’t do a thing.

Couple of questions here – where does this tunnel lead? Geography is not my strong suit, but is there anything directly north of the East Coast of the US that would be reached by a bridge?

And then another thing that has only just occurred to me – where is Dredd usually based? We know that MC-1 covers the whole of the East Coast of the US, but that’s a big area. How long did it take Frankey and Dennis to get to Northways Bridge? Surely Dredd must have a normal area he patrols, he can’t just be zipping up and down the entire East Coast? Does this mean he’s normally based at the top of MC-1?


Dr Frankenstein appears genuinely upset by the loss of his five DNA Men, but resolves to continue somewhere else. He attempts to flee with Dennis across the Northways Bridge, but doesn’t count on Dennis’ gradual awakening to his own condition.

Dennis spots a pretty woman, Mabel, and immediately puts on some caveman romantic moves (scooping her up and carrying her away). Mabel is less than happy with Dennis as a suitor, and he realises how “ugly” and monstrous he is.

Dennis is wounded and brought down by Dredd on the Big Meg side of the border, while Dr F makes it over. Dennis escapes his captors and flings himself at Frankenstein, and they both go over the Bridge and to their deaths below.


It’s curtains for Dr Frankenstein and all six of his creations.


Another “justice is served” finale, but I prefer this one to some of the previous examples we’ve seen as we’ve had the space over 3 episodes to actually spend a bit more time with the criminal. As was always going to happen, Dennis becomes mostly pitiable here as he then turns on his creator. “The DNA Man” is certainly not in the greatest hits for me, but after the back-to-back epics lately it’s good to see a more contained story being told fairly well.


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