Prog #114: I Suspect Everyone – and No-One! (The DNA Man, part 2)

Case File

Dr Frankenstein realises that Dredd suspects him of murdering Beaker, so sends a gang of mutated DNA Men to his apartment to kill him.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is immediately suspicious of a slightly-deranged looking old Professor called Frankenstein who appears to operate a lab out of a gothic castle. Can’t think why. Despite his power as a Judge, he needs evidence before doing anything.

Dredd is given some truly strange dialogue here – some of my favourites:

“I suspect everyone – and no-one!”

“It’ll take more than a pretty face to get me out of this one!”

Friends of Dredd

So it seems that Walter is punching down, transferring his abuse at the hands of Dredd to Maria. This living situation can’t go on for much longer, surely?


Dr. Milton D. Frankenstein is determined to continue his DNA experiments – and in the gap between last episode and this one has created five more mutants. His adjustments to the chemical soup appear to be making things worse each time, with the mutations becoming more and more horrific.

This was touched on in part 1, but it is confirmed here that Frankenstein has some sort of telepathic link with his monsters as they have the same DNA. Ain’t science amazing!

Frankenstein apparently used to work at Mega-City Tech – we can make some pretty obvious assumptions about why he no longer works there.

The squad of DNA Men are directed to Dredd’s apartment by Frankenstein, and proceed to overwhelm the Judge.


I like that the story spreads out from just replaying the original Frankenstein story here with the creation of more monsters, but there is some strange dialogue and some odd art (particularly of Dredd) that pulled me out of the story a bit. Otherwise, a decent continuation.


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