Prog #113: You Will Be Dennis! (The DNA Man, part 1)

Case File

A scientist with the not-worrying-at-all-name of Frankenstein is working on a cloning experiment that doesn’t go perfectly – resulting in the death of his assistant.

492513-64494_20061018085251_largeThe Big Meg (and Beyond)

Frankenstein implies that his cloning-through-DNA process is a breakthrough, although we know that Dredd himself is a clone. It’s possible that the Justice Department has kept that technology secret.

The City has Garbage Dumps that include nasty shredders that don’t leave anything but dust.


Dr. Frankenstein, I presume? No, not that one. He’s your standard issue mad scientist, using DNA and a chemical soup he’s developed to create clones of people. He can speed up their development to adulthood in seconds, which gives us…

Dennis is the result of Milton D. Frankenstein’s first full trial, but he isn’t quite right. Frankenstein used his own DNA to create Dennis, but the result is somewhat deformed and has only said two words so far: “Dennis” and “Kill!”.

Frankenstein’s assistant Beaker (really?) sees Dennis as an abomination that must be killed, but is killed himself by Dennis who is protecting his creator. Frankenstein dumps Beaker’s body in the Garbage Dump.


Beaker ends up as little-bitty pieces after a trip through the Garbage Shredder.


A fairly standard re-telling of the Frankenstein story so far, even set in what appears to be a rather convenient gothic castle. Can’t imagine there’s too many of them in 2101. This is all intro so not too much to analyse, but I like the dark detailed art which works well for the horror tropes of the story. Also, Dennis is a great name for a murderous monster.


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