Prog #112: So Much For Love and Understanding! (The Exo-Men, part 2)

Case File

The one remaining Exo-Man has kidnapped Mrs Blackshack, but finds that getting a ransom for her is not very easy. Dredd tracks him down, before turning the Law on Blackshack herself.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd rescues Blackshack, but immediately then places her and Councillor Petty under arrest for freeing the Exo-Man. Sure, he’s just following the Law, but I detect a great deal of satisfaction from Joe at that result.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The CCCC don’t exactly bend over backwards to try and get Blackshack freed – in fact, they seem fairly happy to be rid of her.

The Law

There’s a sledgehammer message here about why the Judges are in place and have such ultimate control – being nice to criminals doesn’t work.

The Judges are able to trace calls and track down locations.


The Exo-Men are down to the Exo-Man, and he makes the mistake of trying to ransom the very unpopular Blackshack to her Committee friends. Councillor Petty reveals that the criminal was freed by Blackshack in the previous episode, before being then immediately kidnapped. The Exo-Man didn’t have to work too hard on a sob story to appeal to Blackshack and Petty’s soft-hearted natures.

The Exo-suit is damaged in a firefight with Dredd, and goes out of control leading to the final end of the final member of the Exo-Men.

Rap Sheet

Blackshack and Petty are both doing six-months penal servitude for freeing the Exo-Man.


The Exo-Man is dumped into a furnace by his malfunctioning Exo-suit.


A fairly routine conclusion to this story, but with some great comedy as Marjory Blackshack doesn’t prove to be the most popular of hostages. This episode digs in on the mockery of “being soft on crime”, painting Dredd and the Judges as necessary dictators. Not too many series that would do that.


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