Site Update: Patreon Support

First up, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been enjoying the posts over the last 110 progs! The comments and feedback have been very gratifying, and given me the energy to keep going on this project.

Over the break, I decided to set up a Patreon account for this site. You can find the details right here.

I want to be clear, I’ll be continuing the blog no matter how much support I receive – even if its none! I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to pay – the posts will always be free.

As I explain on the Patreon page, I just wanted to set this up as an option for anyone who really wants to see this continue. Any support just means it’s that little bit easier to fit into the midst of work and family life, as well as helping towards actually buying the Case Files.

What Patreon support will definitely help me to do is buy, and then cover, additional series like Psi-Judge Anderson, the Daily Dredds – and more!

So if you can offer any Patreon support, I’d be grateful. If you can’t – please keep reading and enjoying the blog!


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