2000AD Annual 1978: I Can Turn Whole Buildings to Dust! (Whitey’s Brother)

Case File

Whitey’s back! Again! Yay! This time his brother has a plan to bust him out of Devil’s Island.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd is willing to risk his own safety, and Whitey’s escape, to protect the City.

The Big Meg

In a now very awkward moment, the “old” World Trade Centre is destroyed by Welch’s machines.

Dredd reckons the City’s roads should be indestructible. Not so much.

The Law

Dredd turns to good old MAC again!

Yet another of Dredd’s Lawmasters is destroyed. I really should be keeping track of how many he’s going through.


Whitey (actually William Logan) is still on Devil’s Island. He’s still really cranky at Dredd. He ends this story still on Devil’s Island. And still really cranky at Dredd.

Whitey’s older brother is Welch Logan. He’s been presumed dead for 5 years (just like yesterday’s creep – from the same Annual!), and seems to be the high-achiever in the Logan family. He was a particle physicist conducting research into matter for the Morima Corporation.

This research has borne some practical fruit: floating death balls that can disintegrate anything! Welch uses these to ransom Justice HQ – release his brother, surrender Dredd and 4 million credits.

Welch takes Dredd and Whitey to his hideout at the edge of the City, where he engages in some gloating in his protected silicone bubble about holding the world to ransom – real Bond villain stuff. Dredd turns his own devices against him, and Whitey heads back to Devil’s Island with “brother killer” added to his “Why I Hate Judge Dredd” list.

Rap Sheet

Whitey gets a brief bit of time out of Devil’s Island, before being dumped back there at the end.


Welch gets zapped by his own disintegrator balls. Always be careful with your toys, people.


I know I asked this earlier, but were the good readers of 2000AD in 1977 seriously clamouring for the return of Whitey? Why? He may be the most generic of all the early generic villains!

Anyway, another run of the mill encounter. Using the enemy’s own tricks against them was a cliche long before Dredd started, but it is getting a bit wearing. Another miss for the annuals.


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