Prog #107: I am the Law Now, and You Better Believe It! (The Day the Law Died, part 19)

Case File

Dredd’s forces sneak into Justice HQ, and remove the conditioning on the Judges. They then head out to take down Cal and his remaining Judges – before he presses the button that will flood Mega-City One with deadly nerve gas.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd leads the forces to re-take Justice HQ. He’s forced to kill a number of his fellow Judges here – which he regrets, but he doesn’t let that regret stop him for a second. A little worryingly, he orders the deaths of the Klegg forces even though they surrendered. A quick, but dark, moment for the character.

Friends of Dredd

Walter lets Dredd’s small force in through a secret entrance. Fergee is still tagging along, with Dredd thinking he may still turn out to be useful in the fight.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

The citizens are on a countdown to “Death Day”, and no amount of tearful begging is going to help them with Cal.

The Alien Zoo

It’s farewell to the Kleggs here, who are taken out by Dredd and the un-brainwashed Judges – even after they surrender. They had planned to leave Earth before Cal flooded the City with gas.

The Law

Cal has the final button that will doom the City set up in the Statue of Judgement.

When the Judges’ conditioning is reversed, they all seem pretty torn up, and claim that they felt like “robots”. One even says they need to turn themselves in for trial – but Dredd has work for them before they can worry about self-pity.

The secret entrance that Dredd and his party use to get in to Justice HQ is underneath a memorial for (or the actual preserved body of?) Judge Fargo – he’s proclaimed on a plaque as “First Chief Judge” and the “Father of Justice”. I wonder if he’ll become important at all…


Cal is on the verge of losing everything as his Judge force is taken away from him, and the Kleggs are killed. He manages to make it into the Statue of Judgement and seal it off before anyone can stop him.


We actually see Dredd shoot down two Judges before they can all be un-conditioned, and it seems like a few more die when his Judge force attacks Cal’s entourage at the Statue.

A number of the Kleggs are shot down by Dredd and his forces.


The rush towards the climax continues, with the pieces falling into place. Dredd having to kill a fair number of Judges who were not in control of their own actions is touched on quickly here, but it is pretty brutal. Mowing down surrendering Kleggs isn’t a great look either. We know Dredd is going to win in the end – but the cost, in many different ways, will be high.


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