Prog #106: My Perfect City Will Last Forever! (The Day the Law Died, part 18)

Case File

Cal’s occupation is complete – so he decides to use nerve gas to kill all the citizens to preserve it in this moment of “perfection”. Dredd and his dwindling gang of Judges prepare a last desperate attack.

Ol’ Stoney Face

Dredd has what he needs to press forward: proof that Cal was hypnotising the Judges during their morning briefing, and the ability to load their own tape to undo that conditioning. He’s only got five allies left,  leaving him to try and sneak in to Justice HQ one last time.

Friends of Dredd

Walter delivers the goods to Dredd, and seems to have now become Cal’s personal roboservant. He better get another nifty sash to add to his collection after his work here.

The Big Meg (and Beyond)

Cal’s rule is now final, 100 days after he took power. Labour gangs maintain the enormous wall around the City, Judges enforce strict discipline in the streets and the people live in fear. As with all fascist states, this is seen as the price to pay for good administration – fast post (love the idea of post in 2100) and efficient trains (for the first time in 170 years apparently).

The Law

A small point – it looks like the Judge forced to wear a dress that I spotted before isn’t Quincy but another one called Glass.


Cal has reached the height of his power-mad dreams – but is now suffering from debilitating headaches and hallucinations of previous Chief Judges. He decides that rather than risk it all coming apart, he will kill all the citizens with nerve gas, leaving buildings and paperwork behind to show any passers-by how amazing everything was.


The series is definitely picking up as it heads towards the finale, and seems to have a much clearer idea of where it’s going. There’s a couple of good lingering moments of the City under Cal’s rule, with curfews, strip-searches and petty laws. It gets a bit heavy-handed with the reference to trains running on time – just in case we weren’t sure this whole series was about fascism – but as I’ve said before, the Dredd stories can get away with this as the whole thing is heightened.


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